Enjoying this gigantic revolver again!
First video:
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48 thoughts on “Magnum Research BFR .45-70 Revolver Chapter 2

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  2. The barrel is not long enough to burn the gun powder up so I think you should try one in 454 Casull. The BFR with a Bisley grip specified that they make. What do you say hickok45?

  3. Lol! You have so much fun out there! That's awesome! My brother has a BFR, pretty fun gun to shoot! Your a deadly shot even with that cannon 😂

  4. It’s worth mentioning that this gun is a lot bigger than it appears to be on this video. It’s misleading when you’re using for reference his HUMONGOUS HANDS!!! 😂🤣

  5. I respect Ol'Hickok but call this gun what it is.
    I HAD one (keyword had) and sold to buy a SW500. Smart decision.

  6. I have the same gun and load my own using only Starline brass I have shot 500 grain bullets using the African [elephant] loads and it is brutal . I only loaded 5 of these just for kicks –pun intended— and I got kicks . It was AWESOME . Try some Underwood ammo . It's pretty hot . The gun can handle it . Love your videos and your Southern mannerisms . I'm from Kentucky . Stay safe . You're a good shot , like me .

  7. This might be the first time I have seen him count the rounds haha! He takes it like a man though. One handed 45-70. A lot of good technique here. He lets the gun smoothly ride instead of trying to strong arm it.

  8. Amazing gun, amazing cartridges and amazing shooting!  I have trouble hitting a 5"x5" target with a 1911 at 10 yards and Hickok hits a gong at 75 yards one handed!  You are amazing sir.

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