34 thoughts on “Kraftwerk – Musique Non Stop

  1. Truthfully, Kraftwerk never really got their proper due in music; even though they were highly instrumental in setting the tone for hip hop, they are never mentioned in any awards shows…damn shame!

  2. Anyone else think this background voices sound like the ones in Paranormia by Art of Noise? I was surprised to learn there was no sampling involved.

  3. During the full swing of the seventies and eighties dance music craze, an amazing group was completly ahead, Kraftwerk. 30 to forty years later, no other artists could come with a music of that unique nature.

  4. I like the message in this song and the mechanical medium for which it was created. Kraftwerk is my ultimate favorite band, which I discovered after I graduated. I see the visual influence through their entire career, since 1970! I cannot stop listening to this song.

  5. Imagine how someone from the 80s would have felt when they heard this music! It would have been like something from another planet!

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