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Song: korbani Song
Voice & Lyrics by : Muhammod mubin
Starring: Full Team99
Cinemetography – Fardin | joy
Choreography – mubin
Production Manager: Muhmad ROhan
Edit & Color: Tanvi FArDIN
Thumbnail: TAnvi faRDIN
Theme & Directed by TEAm99
@all Editing : Tanvi FArdin
originaal creadits
COCA COLA (Full Video Song) – Luka Chuppi | Neha Kakkar & Tony Kakkar

Credits: T-Series

Song: Coca Cola Tu
Singers: Tony Kakkar & Neha Kakkar
Lyrics: Tony Kakkar, Mellow D
Music Recreated by: Tanishk Bagchi
Music Label: T-Series

Qurbani (Arabic: ???????), Qurban, or u??iyyah (?????) as referred to in Islamic law, is the ritual animal sacrifice of a livestock animal during Eid al-Adha.
The word is related to the Hebrew qorban “offering” and Syriac qurbana “sacrifice”, etymologised through the cognate Arabic triliteral as
“a way or means of approaching someone” or “nearness In Islamic law, udhiyyah would refer to the sacrifice of a specific animal, offered by a specific person,
on specific days to seek God’s pleasure and reward. The word qurban appears thrice in the Quran: once in reference to animal sacrifice and twice referring to sacrifice
in the general sense of any act which may bring one closer to God. In contrast, dhabi?ah refers to normal Islamic slaughter outside the day of udhiyyah.
(cope from SnehaNoor)

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25 thoughts on “KORBANI Song | tEAm 99 | Bangla new song 2019 | Official Video | TAnvi FArdin

  1. We would like to see the music composition better from the next video for it makes the music video more exceptional 😂 if u can… make sure to improve it 😂 nice work though !!!

  2. Voice suinai bjsi bisso bikkhato mubin vai er vangnga radio. Asa kori next time aro vlw hbe. R vai qurbani nia video but hat er kono sence nai!
    Best of luck asa kori khub shiggiri 1k subs asbe

  3. Lyrics was perfect but there is some problems like voice tune.. It's the most important .. so I think it will be fixed in the next time … btw go ahead .

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