Kid Suda – Shake That Bottle AVAILABLE NOW on iTunes & AppleMusic.

Kid Suda was made famous when comedian/actor Kevin Hart posted his homemade phone video of this very song on Facebook. That Facebook video hit over 50 million views. Since then people re-posted the video on YouTube and every upload has hit 7 Million plus views.

Now for the first time, Kid Suda signed with Anxiety Music Group/Sicfux Entertainment and professionally recorded “Shake That Bottle” and film a professional video.

Kid Suda – The Kid Suda EP drops February 23rd, 2018.

Kid Suda – Shake That Bottle
Written by: Kid Suda
Produced by: Chris Lawrence
Mastered by: Crossworm
Director of Photography: Jimmy Donn
Edited by: Jimmy Donn
©2018 Anxiety Music Group/Sicfux Entertainment

Kid Suda® is an internationally registered trademarked name. Any use of the name, music or likeness is a violation of international trademark laws and violators will be fined and/or prosecuted.


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29 thoughts on “Kid Suda – Shake That Bottle [OFFICIAL 2018]

  1. This video is nowhere at all as good as the original song also jt appears that time is no friend of that poor guy.He looks like he has almost morphed into a different creature.I guess that dirty shit he has been having such a great time shaking hasn't been so nice to his system.Get a college level organic chemistry class or two under your belt before attempting to manufacture illicit substances especially if you plan to use them yourself.That way your body wont have to suffer from dirty ass shit so called dope.And before the first asswhole replys with Birch its not!!You can NOT possibly contain enough pressure in a plastic bottle to pull off a true Birch reaction.I leave you with that to think upon.Hopefully it will keep at least one person from shaking there damn life away like this poor dumbass shook away his looks.Wanna succeed,fucking read!!!Peace

  2. I don't sleep I don't eat all I do is tweek and tweek I check my closet I check my closet. Boy I tell you it ain't no joke I got some fire dope growing in my closet yeah in my closet 😁😁😁😁. For all my stoner's …. 😇

  3. Dudes name is Anthony Gann.. I knew him years ago before this crazy shit. I've even got a video of him playing and singing in my house years ago. I knew meth got him, didn't know it got so bad.. 😢 I'm praying for you Anthony! I hope you find a better path!

  4. Straight fucking fire bro! Every time I get on a bender I play this 100 times probably lmao gets me hype every fuckin time 💯

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