43 thoughts on “K.A.R.D – Oh Na Na [Color Coded Lyrics/Han|Rom|Eng]

  1. Don't be shock Younji is a Secretary a Ex member she before Leave the group Kard and She Finnaly Found a Group name Gfriend Member her name is Sinb looks Familiar but she actually is kara groups sinb is her sister

  2. To all of ya’ll confused why there are 5 members instead of 4 members, this is an explanation. Youngji (Not Youngi or Younji) was a member of the group KARA, but the group unfortunately disbanded. So DSP entertainment made a good choice of not wasting her talent and decided to feature her in KARD to be a hidden member/card.

  3. Not kpop related. But my crush is leaving soon and well prolly wont see each other again. Im sad. I will miss all the adrenaline rush everytime hes around

  4. I wonder why Youngji isn't in the group anymore… Although it suits with only four bcz of their places in cards but I just wonder why

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