25 thoughts on “K 391, Alan Walker, Tungevaag, Mangoo – PLAY (Norda Remix) #PRESSPLAY

  1. Man, i love your remixes. I hope you do a lot of that awesome music… Can't stop to listen at all your music. I'll wait for your next mix. Simply WONDERFUL 🤩

  2. Congratulations for your selection in official remix by K-391
    Really awesome! Drop was just a 🔥🎶🔥🎶🔥🎶🔥

  3. Please watch my version of play here :https://youtu.be/KlVNO_2GErs.
    If you see this message please go and check this.
    It will take only 2 min.

  4. Amazing remix! Loved the acoustic part in the beginning…and the drop is absolutely something else! Congratulations on being the winner! You deserve it!

  5. Over and over I'm enjoying when I'm listening to your awesome remix as If It was the first time I hear It 😍🔥

    Congrats 🎉🎉

  6. Bester Play Remix. 🔥
    Kommt gleich mal in meiner Playlist mit Brasilianischen Bass und Deep House.
    Deine letzen 3 Remixes würden auf LithuniaHQs Channel passen. ^^

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