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42 thoughts on “Joyner Lucas & Tory Lanez – Suge (Remix) – REACTION

  1. The Joyner Lucas remixes with or without features are always better than the original track almost makes u wanna thing the original was a remix

  2. LAWTWINZ FAMILY, please go check out my newest video for my freestyle to the So Brooklyn beat. Right now I can't afford to do a paid promoted track so I gotta promote it like this. I PROMISE you will fw it and if you don't then you can just turn it off and go about your day. I appreciate every single one of you who does check it out. Lemme know what you think!

  3. This is why Joyner is quite possibly my favorite rapper of all time, your brain hears and absorbs everything he says but can't repeat it when asked to say it out loud XD

  4. It's sad how lawtwinz won't even react to dax's New killshot 2 song. All cuz so many people THOUGHT he was faking sickness when he was going through more than anyone thought. Tho ain't nobody gonna care just at least give it a listen.

  5. Joyner Lucas, jid, j.Cole, Eminem,Tory lanez,Ski mask.

  6. I feel like a lot of people are biased towards Joyner just because this stuff is what he’s known for lol. Tory verse was stupid with the flow and creativity 😂. The amount of things there are to dissect are insane

  7. Joyner be like turnthefuckintvupwniawjudhejduwbxhebxnsnxywuiwyrwupsofitciissbrrrraapppaaabrjdiwodiwhxhsbxkaocjenkxuahckcmziehkjfjcjdjduehcyuejxjdydhuzjwpwirutiqpkzfjgj

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