Josh Christopher dropped 45 points against top ranked Ian Martinez (32 points) and J Serra merely hours before his 18th birthday! Y’all go wish Josh a happy birthday on his IG:
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48 thoughts on “Josh Christopher Drops 45 POINTS ON HIS BIRTHDAY!? Championship Game BATTLE vs Ian Martinez!!

  1. Bruh josh is fucking weird 😂😂 Issa sequence of him doing a turn around fade on 2 niggas getting a steal tear dropping getting another steal Dior gets it then drops a dime for Josh to get a lay
    This nigga is backpacking and making it look like errybody nice

  2. All I gotta say whoever's recording this is garbage. I mean glad you can show the crowd but cant show the scoreboard much. Maybe I'm just expecting too much to know the score when someone scores the basketball.

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