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Today’s episode is filled with goodies! Not only do we show you how to create a panorama in photoshop, we also give you some expert tips on shooting those panoramic images. David J. Crewe lends us his knowledge as we give you six amazing tips. To top it all off, we have a gear article specially prepared to compliment today’s episode. Now you can see the gear some of the pros are using, or just check out some budget options to get you started.

Tips From the Pros

Here are some tips for you when you’re out shooting panoramas:

1) Use a sturdy Tripod and try to stay “level” when changing positions.

2) Overshoot / Shoot wider than you need so you can crop safely.

3) Use a longer lens (50mm or higher) since you’re stitching anyway. Wider lenses give you more distortion so your images will be more realistic/normal with a longer lens.

4) Shoot higher than F8. Most time-lapser and pano shooters will swear by the F8 to F11 zones for clarity and sharpness.

5) Manually Focus to make sure everything is the same (no shifts from frame to frame).

6) Slow Shutter Speeds (or ND Filters) to reduce and eliminate distracting elements (people, animals, random motion).

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41 thoughts on “How to Make a Panorama in Photoshop

  1. Most cameras have the Guidelines, like Noughts and Crosses (UK) or Tic tac toe (US). Turn them on to help with your level.

  2. I have taken 3 images on a white background of 3 people in each image how can I now join the three
    images together in Photoshop CS6

  3. HeybAaron how do you make a panorama shot from a video to make a backdrop for a train set to cover the whole room, about 35cm in height? like a continues print or stitch 290 cm at a time.

  4. At 4:07 in your video your different images show their final destination in the final image. When I upload mine only the first image populates the main image. The other 4 images show in the small area but there isn't anything in the small black box to the right of it. Any ideas what I could be doing wrong?

  5. Thanks for the Video! i Tried it myself it looks super awesome. But i have two people in it which look very much distorted. Lens Correction das not do the job. Is there i way to Fix it?

  6. amazing tutorial, working on my first panorama. please tell me the draw pad and pen that you are using, i think it makes editing alot easier as using a mouse is hard to control for finer details and small adjustments.

  7. So helpful, thank you very much!! Edit: I just noticed that i am 2 years late 😀 In 2015 or in 2017 this is still very helpful 🙂

  8. This guide is more focused on the needs of photographers. Those who want to make their photography look as professional, polished and above all, as competitive as they can. It’s techniques are simple, straight forward, and easy to follow. It was easy to follow and had some really great tips and secret methods for improving image. https://twitter.com/arhaanctg1/status/898965859091206144

  9. Panoramic stitching really sounded intimidating and super advanced, but the way you teach it makes it understandable and do-able! Thank you so much for sharing your talent.

  10. Hey Aaron, I was wondering if it would be smarter to make that merged layer a smart object. Also, do you think that opening up an acr filter and using the spot correction in there can be better than the healing brush since you can visualize the dust more easily?

    Love your channel btw!

  11. yo Phlearn I love your page. I want to ask you I shot a star gaze pano and I seem to be getting an extremely distorted result l. unfortunately I shot it super wide and used lowest aperture to expose the stars. how do I better fix the distortion beyond the lens correction option. Are there other ways to make panos in ps?

  12. What would I do different if I wanted to make a 360 Panorama to upload to Facebook? Do you have a video tutorial that explains this or do I follow pretty much the same steps you shared in this video?

  13. Mine's not working. I took my shots in portrait so I could have more real estate in one shot but when I'm merging all my pictures together they're just getting stacked on one another. How do I fix this? :/

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