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Today, through my recent Ambient Sketch #50, we are exploring how to leverage what I call ”Anti-motivic development” and Modal Interchange to have more freedom to create chord progressions that are stronger, less predictable and more…. SPICY!!

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Through original ambient music, chordal guitar lessons and tips on guitar pedals, Antoine is looking to educate and inspire aspiring ambient musicians to learn everything about the world of ambient guitar and chordal voicings on guitar.

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5 thoughts on “How I wrote my Ambient Sketch #50 (Anti-Motivic Development, Modal Interchange) [Chordal Ep.30]

  1. Nice video! I read your free PDF (about looping songs) and it was very very useful. Also, I have a suggestion, I know you did some "dark ambient" song, and it would be useful to people like me if you make a video on dark ambient spacings/progressions.
    Good Luck, Keep Playing m/

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