Greetings! I’m going to make a number of mini-samplers with songs that I really enjoy. Most are from the early 80’s and are european.
About me: I’m a 43 year old native american indian (Navajo) who grew up on a reservation in New Mexico USA, and somehow got hooked on european punkrock. It was the german/US split comp LP, “Underground Hits 1” w/ Toxoplasma, Razzia, Neurotic Arseholes and Chaos Z, and 4 american bands, that somehow ended up in a small record shop in Farmington, NM….in 1983 that did the trick. Eventually I got a Mailorder listing from SASQUATSCH Mailorder from west Berlin, and I’ve never looked back. I missed the great punk scene that took place in western europe during the early 80s. The first band I saw was in Germany in 1989 at AJZ Homburg/Saar was HALLE 54. So if you don’t know euro punk, then I hope this will give you some insight to what it is or was.
These are some of my favorite tracks of all time. There are more and I will add them in other videos soon. Enjoy!

0:00 INDIREKT – “Hiroshima” from 1983 demo tape
1:22 ENOLA GAY – “Flere bomber, mere magt” from 1983 demo tape
2:27 TOXOPLASMA – “Psychoanalyse” from 1982 UNDERGROUND HITS 1 comp
4:20 ANTI-DOGMATIKSS – “Religion” from Ropas, filas… demo early 80’s
5:35 CONFUSE – “Indignation” from 7″ ep
6:43 PHYLAKOULU – “Hatred and sincerity” from DEMO II 1985


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