28 thoughts on “Griffin Armament Revolution .45 ACP Suppressor Review and Osprey Comparison

  1. Just got off the phone with SilencerCo and their customer service sucks!!!! If your in the market for a can stay away from SilencerCo and go with OSS, Gemtech, Yankee Hill, GA or Dead Air!!

    Waited over a year, picked up my Octane 45 and I still can’t use it on my FNX- 45 a .45 caliber weapon!!!

    Why would anyone purchase a .45 caliber suppressor and not have the ability to thread it on to their .45!!!

    They don’t even include a tool to remove and inspect your baffles prior to shooting!!! SilencerCo is not the way to go!!!

    Their customer service is rude and doesn’t care. Thought about it and I’m going to sell it. No point in giving them any business.

  2. Keep in mind the 45 ACP is a sub sonic round. With supersonic rounds, like with a rifle, you still has the "sonic boom" of the bullet going faster than the speed of sound.

  3. It's funny, as cars became quieter in the 80's and 90's, I remember lots of folks talking about how the quieter cars are more dangerous because walking out in front of one became more likely for children. "You just don't hear them coming" they said, "you have to be extra vigilant and look both ways" they said… Mufflers on cars and all of the emissions stuff (which makes them even quieter) in them is a legal requirement that probably does make cars more dangerous to children.

    And yet a muffler for a firearm, which would mitigate hearing loss and improve positive control of the weapon (all of which are safety enhancements) – not to mention they make target practice in closer proximity to residential areas a lot less imposing – requires 9 months of waiting, a $200 tax stamp and a pile of paperwork (OK its all electronic now… but still…). This is complete nonsense, and as for my opening statement about cars… It would actually make more sense from a safety standpoint to restrict the use of mufflers on a car than on a firearm.

    At any rate, a home-made suppressor is not rocket science, if someone thinks that is the ticket for their next mass shooting… they could just go make one…

  4. Waste of money.
    A suppressed pistol returns up to 90% blowback into the pistol. Besides the dirt, there is a return pressure that a pistol is NOT designed to handle.
    End result is a shorter lifespan amd a very dirty pistol. Nothing cool about it.

  5. Dude love ur attitude, tone of voice, ur positivity, and ur always smiling! Don’t get y u don’t have more subs? Love ur vids!

  6. I have a Smith & Wesson .45. I'd like to get the Osprey can but I'd have to get a longer threaded barrel, right? Any advice appreciated.

  7. I've got the Osprey 9 and 45, love them both. The Osprey 9 on the Sig P226 TACOPS with Critical Duty ammo is very quiet. However, the only way to get Hollywood-quiet is with .22LR subsonic.

  8. That wasn't trigger jerk. I think it's called "heeling". It's when an experienced shooter instinctively compensates for the handgun's recoil. Totally normal, and doesn't effect accuracy in general.

  9. Hey awesome video. I am thinking about getting my first suppressor to put on a 22lr m&p with a binary trigger. What suppressor do you recommend for a beginner ?

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