Shooting and discussing the new Glock Model 45.
To clarify and correct myself, even thought he Glock 17, and maybe some others (not sure), was simply Glock’s 17th patent, generally, Glocks just come out in sequential model numbers. When it’s time for the Glock 57, it won’t matter what the caliber is; it will simply be the next Glock and will be a Model 57. 🙂
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(Note: These descriptions were last updated on 9-18-19).


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44 thoughts on “Glock 45

  1. Actually, to clarify and correct myself, even thought he Glock 17, and maybe some others (not sure), was simply Glock's 17th patent, generally, Glocks just come out in sequential model numbers. When it's time for the Glock 57, it won't matter what the caliber is; it will simply be the next Glock and will be a Model 57. 🙂

  2. Hope I come across one for a good price,,, I am a bargain hunter, I live in South Florida and it is like a candy store here !!! You want them all !! Lol !!! I know many of you understand ,,, 😁🖒✌🇺🇸

  3. Love your videos. Always love your recommendations before I buy. You have such knowledge and helped me get into guns and the courage to take the proper classes and courses for safety as well.

    I will never join the NRA as I disagree with their buying of political power. I support the 2nd amendment but I also support dismantling our corrupt system where money buys influence. It’s just where I stand on principle. I’ve joined a local gun rights group though that agree with me in principle.

    Regardless thanks for all you do.

  4. I fell like I shot better with the 45 qualified With it carrying it now but idk i wish the 45 would come out In 40. Cal already !!!!!! Love me some 180 grain. I hate and love your channel I’m always broke when you cone out with a new video . Lol 😂

  5. And here I am with a Glock 22…no wonder the damn thing won't work. The ammo keeps falling out of the barrel and magazine on me. Looks like I need to do some research on what caliber gun I actually own 😕

  6. Il tell you what I shot the G 19 X tonight with this being the same as the G-45 both being 9 mil…Man that was a nice shooten gun …I own the G19 Gen 3 …but I have to say I was impressed with the 19x…

  7. The 45 is by far my all time favorite glock shoots so flat very well balanced handgun always liked the fns9 and fn 509 as well in the same platform the fn guns just have issues firing wet which could be a issue on this planet generally not but I'd feel better if they were like the ol faithful glock that runs wet dirty sandy whatever but great video hickok I love the 45 I liked the 19x a lot too but actually traded it for the 45 prefer a all business black handgun never have been crazy about guns like the 26 I know ur a big fan but I just hate that cut off grip and I shoot them just fine that's not the issue I find any gun I'm carrying a bit uncomfortable and just not a big enough deal to sacrifice the capacity if shit ever does go down I'll be feeling a whole lot better with 16 rnds in a 19 or 19 rnds in a 45/ 19x/17 and a additional 17 in my pocket which is basically dbl the number you will get in any subcompact model. Kind of surprised you don't like the 45 more hickok being how much u enjoyed the fns9 and fn 509 pretty similar just glocks take on the same commander sized platform worth noting that one hand shooting in this platform feels very good easy to stay on target with this platform I love it👍

  8. I disagree, the 19x it's the best handling glock I ever shot outta the box, I baught it for an open carry weapon (live in a free State) and no malfunctions at 3k

  9. I wanted to shoot one first to see if it was any different from my other Glock pistols. So I found a local indoor shooting range that had one to rent and put a couple hundred rounds through one today. I have to say that even though I did like it, I really couldn't see any major differences between this new model and my other Glock pistols. It was accurate, but then so are my other Glocks. I don't currently carry any of my other Glocks, and wouldn't carry this one either. I prefer my Sig P320 or my Sig P365, or even my H&K USP Compact.

  10. Hi Hickok, Great video as always. Regarding the length difference in the slide it actually makes a pretty big difference for me. Somehow or other I’ve been slowly getting this extra padding around my waist line and it’s beginning to creep over the ol’ belt line. Lol! I’ve noticed the shorter slide actually doesn’t dig into my side nearly as much as a full size. I carried a full size 1911 for quite sometime then switched to a Glock 17. Well that darn stuff growing over my waistline has made carrying it uncomfortable when sitting. I like the 17 frame and the 19 slide doesn’t create any discomfort when sitting, so for me personally the 45 appears to be a winner. Thanks Again for the video.

  11. This is the next Glock for me, going to have to put that revolver I want on the back burner for now I must have this one here

  12. thank you for videos very helpful info, please make a video Glock 19 gen 5 MOS with red dot optic, i got one and trying to find good quality red dot. PLEASE

  13. I have to take a 5 generation glock. What model do you recommend between 45, 19 and 17? Only an expert like you can give me the right advice. thank you

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