Shot in Paris in November 2018

Directed by Elie Girard
Sound direction by Henri D’Armancourt and FX Delaby
Recording by Henri D’Armancourt

Mix by FX Delaby
Sound assistant Eliott Sebbag
Postproduction by Alexandre Sellem
Produced by Ondine Benetier and Philippine Graffard for La Blogothèque

The Khoshravesh Brothers – Pouya, Mani and Nima
Paddy Sherlock

Special thanks:
Nadia Genet
Claire Leadbitter
Roger Dorresteijn & Chantal Neeten at Anti Records
Anne-Sophie Delhommeau & everyone at the Irish Cultural Center
Claude & everyone at Le Verre À Pieds

“Don’t Settle” and “Race To The Bottom” by Glen Hansard from the album ‘This Wild Willing,’ available now
Order at

Official Site:

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35 thoughts on “Glen Hansard l La Blogotheque presents This Wild Willing

  1. There's just one thing Glen cannot do. He can't disappoint me😁😁
    By the way, it's the first time I saw him playing another guitar, but that one's just as worn out as his Takamine so basically it doesn't matter lol

  2. Saw Glen a couple years ago – best live show I've ever seen – and just bought tickets today to see him in September. He's really incredible live – if you get the chance, definitely go.

  3. Glen es absolutamente inspirador, descubrirlo me cambió la vida y me hizo volver a la música, hermoso mini documental.

  4. This is so beautiful. Thank you so much!
    Waiting for April to come, and also the day I can hear him alive. Hope on day in Argentina, Glen

  5. the truth of a pure soul, the voice that shines above words, pure magic, straight to the heart. pure beauty. the simplicity of a wonderful artist

  6. Bravo! I've been following La Blogotheque for like 10 years now and it's so cool to see how it's grown and developed. It's the perfect vessel for something like this. A great combination.

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