Shooting, showing, & discussing the FNP-45 Tactical model.
Other Specs:
– 45 ACP
– 1 in 16″ RH Twist Rate
– .578×28 RH barrel end thread pattern
– Length 7.87″
– Height 6.33″
– Width 1.58″
– Barrel Length 5.30″
– 15 round magazine capacity
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(Note: These descriptions were last updated on 9-18-19).


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34 thoughts on “FNP- 45 Tactical Suppressed

  1. To high my ass you hit that gong dead center wow now that is some shooting wow and you were shooting fast.100thumbs up.I wish everyone in the gun community would just chill on hating one another not that you have said one negative thing I am talking about other people just keep shooting my friend your one kool dude in my book.I live in my we might be neighbors.I love my tactical 45.

  2. I love the look of this one. I like the suppressor shape and color. I like the decocker combined with the safety. Very nice weapon. The camera wasn't wanting to focus fast on the up close shot on the table. But as always very nice preview. Thanks guys.

  3. ขนาดเมากัญชานะเนี่ยยังแม้นขนาดนี้ยิงไปขำไป

  4. Removed the Factory Sights, Added Sighted in Laser and Screw on Suppressor…( Because they are Screwed when they make Me Put it on, Dont wanna Disturbed My Nieghbors)…#ReconMarine

  5. This is really the best full size combat pistol in 45.acp. I was all over the HK USP and still like it but having 15 in the magazing and the ability to easily mount a red dot is way better.

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