How good is the new 20 round 45 caliber HiPoint magazine by Redball Sports and will it work in the HiPoint pistols?

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33 thoughts on “Extended Mag HiPoint 45 Review by Deuce and Guns

  1. Get your Uplula mag loader here:
    Check out the new Deuce and Guns Amazon store:

  2. Best mod for these guns is the magazine catch that allows it to take 1911 mags.
    I modified my own, but you can buy them too.

  3. I have owned firearms for almost forty years and born poor
    I have a five minute fix to make any hi point C9 or .380 the more safest concealed handgun in the world and is simply great since hi point is already the best handGun ever made in the usa should sell easy for 500 to 600 dollars and worth every bit and more

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