25 thoughts on “Elvis Costello – 45

  1. 2002年にリリースした『When I Was Cruel』のオープニングトラックですね。当時は“2000年代もロックするぞ”という気合が感じられてとても嬉しかった記憶があります。そして今もなお、素晴らしく偉大なキャリアを築き続けているのだからただただリスペクトです。

  2. Such a great song does not merit such an awful, inane video.
    The director must have thought it was Punch the Clock and had the idea to give out a Bunch of Clocks ! No wonder Declan looks bemused.

  3. @113399 This album wasnt advertised very well. Especially after the last couple costello albums.

    I think this was really the beginning of his revival after the bacharach stuff.

  4. Kiddos this is all about those little records grandpa used to listen to on a record player. There was a lot special about them. Gone, forever.

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