4 thoughts on “EDIT 45

  1. Well about the toxic DnD players I've recently watched a video titled "how my players learned what chaotic neutral means" that can give you some insight in how some players play DnD, also I've heard about how players think a natural 20 to mean they get to do impossible things. I can't speak from experience however since I've only played in a very nice group with very nice people. Well one did threaten to go murderhobo (killing random persons) since they wanted XP to level up, they expected to be leveled up by the end of the session but it didn't happen.

    EDIT: ok I had confirmation it was just a joke, still that might happen with worse players.

  2. "Gonna try to fix my sleeping schedule"
    Watches 2 and half hour movie past midnight

    SrGrafo taking a page out of my book, lol

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