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..i see fire!
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Photo by Brendon Burton

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Photo © Brendon Burton

Edited by La Belle Musique.

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39 thoughts on “Ed Sheeran – I See Fire (Kygo Remix)

  1. This song will always have a story behind it for me.. thought I lost my gf at the time thought she was gone and was going to move on but no she ended up staying.. after not seeing her for a little while and basically having the worse point of my life without her she came over finally met my parents something I had dreamed about for years. Remember us driving back to the hotel we were going to stay in for the night sun was just coming down it was a gorgeous April evening not the hottest but hot enough with this perfect little breeze as she raced towards the hotel because we couldn’t wait to go have some “alone time”. This song came on as she breezed down the highway and I just looked at her and thought how lucky I was I put my hand on hers smiled and felt like I had won.. what a feeling what a day.. this song will always hold that amazing memory of that evening even after she’s moved on…

  2. Hi am planning to use some of your music for travel videos channel. can i use the music for my videos and leave link in the description back to your channel to subscribe?

  3. The first time i was listening this song was with my boyfriend , while we re watching on beach , now when i come back to that beach with this song i realize that’s only memorises and he is just ex 💔

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