“During the mid 1980s L’AMOUR, “The Rock Capital of Brooklyn”, was the premier Heavy Metal club in the world. This was the place to be on the weekend. Such classic acts as Motorhead, Accept, Anthrax, Raven. Exodus, Wendy O’ Williams, Twisted Sister, Ynqwie Malmsteen, Megadeth, Ace Frehley, Overkill and even Iron Maiden graced this mighty stage. What most people missed was the comparatively quiet but often entertaining Thursday nights featuring New York’s finest unsigned bands. This is where MAJESTY first took to the concert stage back in 1986. Right from the start the band played almost all original material. Their amazing covers of Richie Blackmore’s Rainbow, Yngwie Malmsteen, Dio, Billy Sheehan’s Talas and Queensryche immediately caught the attention of anyone in the club who was not familiar with the band. At first there were only a few friends at these shows. Later there were car loads of friends and dans making the hour long drive from Long Island to Brooklyn. Some die hards even took the Long Island Railroad to the New York City subway. You could feel the excitement building at the shows. MAJESTY was soon promised opening spots on upcoming weekend shows. Things were really looking up for the future of Dream Theater. It was at this time that the band parted ways with vocalist Chris Collins. Not only was all of the momentum lost but it would be over 2 years before the band would perform again. For the first time ever this classic L’AMOUR performance can be heard. As an added bonus we have also included InstruMental III. These are the last of the classic unreleased Majesty recordings from 1987. Sit back and enjoy!”

I. Majesty Live @ L’Amour, Brooklyn, NY, USA September 25th, 1986
*Chris Collins on vocals
1). Another Won 0:00
2). Cry For Freedom 04:53
3). Gates Of Babylon 11:27
4). Your Majesty 17:40
5). March Of The Tyrant 21:13
6). Afterlife 86’ 27:05

II. Instrumental III (1987)
1). Two Far 32:35
2). The Saurus 38:10
3). Your Majesty 39:34
4). Viking Outro 43:34
5). 7 Mini Guitar Songs 44:15
6). A Swell Guitar Piece 46:11
7). Anti-Procrastination Song 46:55

Pardon me for the watermark, there was no way to remove it from the final video, I do not own the rights to these songs, all rights belong to the band and their respective label, if anyone wants me to take it down, send me an email at [email protected]

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