21 thoughts on “DMT Remix

  1. You are under arrest for advertising the use of crack in a very sophisticated way! You will be sentenced to life in Amsterdam with the punishment of smoking a joint a day

  2. 30 minutes?! That's not what I've heard. Ever. Even read. I think Yer info is outdated or slanted. I've never heard it called a business mans drug either lmao

  3. Thats what i was trying to say in the comment. Ive always known that the body makes the chemical at some points in life.

  4. I believe in this so much. I believe in the psychedelic movement. I mean it's not for everyone but for those that are willing to try the right ones and who abuse it should. We need a new awakening. A different realization

  5. Very interesting, but like Chaplin says in his "Greatest Speech:" "WE have LOST the way!" Every single Human Being is born with an innate awareness of LOVE and Intelligence! But very rarely are we encouraged to explore and nurture these wonderful sensations. We will however almost always start to blend-in to whatever Religion; Social or Cultural environment we are born into. So we then start to slowly move away from the "Inner Voice" we are born with, and take-on; another voice/being. "Wake-UP!"

  6. Most people dont know that DMT is a pill. The user would crush the pill, and smoke it for a massive euphoric high. Some say its like being on Acid. Effects of the drug would last about 30 minutes. Nick named "The Business man's drug". Its a crazy drug.

  7. I think something is happening to me right now, I believe I'm changing!!! Thankyou Thelakeysisters your uploads and content is amazing!!!

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