Location (Originally) – Melbourne, Victoria


Formed in May 1994 by KK as an outlet for more thrashy riffs not suitable for Bestial Warlust. Never intended to be a “serious” full time band.
Drums originally played by C.Volcanoe, later of Abominator.
Record “Six songs with the devil” demo tape in May 1994.

Volcanoe agrees to record “Violence is the Prince of this world” album.
KK is introduced to Phil Venom (Bulleater), who had just joined Bestial Warlust.
Phil is into D666 and helps out here and there on bass for the recording, and some lyrical nights together under the influence.
Volcanoe leaves to start Abominator fulltime after album is finished.
Howitzer joins in Nov 1995, originaly to play some shows and have a drink together..
Ends up staying to record drums for “Unchain the Wolves” album.
Shrapnel joins June 1996. First time D666 is a full band.

A great time. A good mix of experience, naievte, and passion.

“Unchain the Wolves” recorded late 1996.
Bass on “UTW” is done by BulletEater.
Band embarks on first shows and first tour beginning Dec Fri 13th in Melbourne, a few months before the release of UTW. The tour turns out to be maybe one of the greatest financial losses ever recorded, but certainly worth every cent.
Howitzer leaves to rebirth G.O.T.H in 1998
Bass duties are handeled then for the live shows by Marauder of G.O.T.H. and for local shows by Bullet Eater.
Deciever joins on drums in 1998.
1999 “Phoenix Rising ” was recorded with line up KK, Shrapnel, Deciever, Bullet Eater.
Bullet-Eater, tho` still loving the music tires of the lifestyle, makes decision final in 1999 to leave.

Jan 2000 Bezerker joins for full time bass.
Deciever leaves the drum stool 1999.
He is then replaced by a boy who could play, joins for almost a year. Tho he could play, his position in the band brought other problems.
Finally, by the favour of the devil himself, is replaced permamently by Mersus in Sep 2001.
Jan 2002 “Cold Steel… for an Iron Age” album is recorded.
June 2002 our luck runs out. Visas expire and Shrapnel and Bezerker are forced to leave the Netherlands.
A hard time for the the remaining pack. The visual side of the “Cold Steel..” album was inextricably fucked by the label and leaves all somewhat disllisuoned.
“The “Terror..” mini lp concept was the result of our resolve to take back control of the band from the clutches of circumstance.”
Sept 2002 “Terror Abraxas” mini album recorded.
For the next year Rob – the Beast of Bladel- plays live with Destroyer on bass.

Now separated by 800 klms and 3 countries and a 100klm stretch of water, Destroyer refuels.

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