48 thoughts on “Chromeo – Old 45's [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

  1. This song is so legitimately 80’s, I thought it was until I looked up the band. This music video should have been shot on video, lol

  2. Oh crap I been singing it like you think romance is getting ohhhhohhhohhhlld (old) but it's actually if you think romance is dead and gone lol

  3. These guys are unbelievably talented. Such a perfect and wonderful song. A mix of pop, retrowave and synth. The clarity is skull-splitting. I love the beat.

  4. Hahaha. I’m 47 y/o and I get the 80’s vibe. I read that one is a Muslim and a the other a Jew. Only in America. Nothing but luv for these guys. Video is awesome. But I don’t get the ending. Where did the hot chic go. I really fucked this up—I’m lost. Hahahaha haha

  5. Ohhhhh thanks to a co-worker who advised me to listen to this!!!! I did like it!!!! It has the 80's sound a bit of funky yay!!!

  6. I'm getting sick of the industry trying to make us watch these disgusting sex change things that call themselves woman. Porn sites are full of em and they don't tell us, hoping you'll whack it to a man. Yes they're doing unbelievable things in plastic surgery today.

  7. This video is all wrong. In real life, that woman would be attracted to the type of guy John Heder plays in the video. Viva la clumsy, arrogant pimp scrawns!

  8. Watching this because of the “put a record on” clip in the Game Grumps Best Of 2018 video. This song is incredibly catchy. Too bad it says “jukebox”, or “put a record on” would have actually worked pretty well.

  9. Okay, was gonna comment about Arin's rendition of this amazing track, but SERIOUSLY!? JON HEDER!? I thought I couldn't love you guys any more than I did, but you proved me wrong cold turkey.

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