Label: Cyanide
Artist: Cesar Del Rio & Tatsu
Title: Floating People (Guri Remix)
Reference: CYAN019

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Cesar Del Rio and Tatsu come back to Cyanide with their second ep in a row. This time, our favorite Spanish combo introduces us Floating People; an exquisite deep house track with a groovy bass line, catchy synths, classy pianos and a female vocal sample, which will get into your head and won’t go out for weeks.The first remix comes by Sinan Kaya, one of the most interesting and prolific producers of the Turkish house scene. Sinan has added a good dose of funk to the original track, having as a result a real peak time bomb. Second and last on remix duties is Guri, a young and skilled producer from Mallorca. He has undressed Floating People and has injected his analog magic, obtaining an awesome raw acid version of the original track. Real underground house for music foodies!


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