50 thoughts on “Bruno Mars – Grenade (DJ Airecho House & Dance Remix)

  1. When it is ready. I am working on it daily, but this one is a bit harder than any of my other songs to make!

  2. Top 40, maybe i am being biased because of my hate for how most artists in the charts have no talent. but yeah.

  3. I've never understood this song; this guy is utterly devoted, but to quote this song, "if my body was on fire, you would watch me burn down in flames." He basically admits that she hates his guts, but he's still devoted? What's wrong with this guy?! Move on!

    Other than that, good job on the remix.

  4. Airecho, you've gotten so much better! I just found your channel again since i last heard you 🙂 But i do think some of the leads could use a little reeverb ;P

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