46 thoughts on “Bring Me The Horizon – Seen It All Before x Anti-Vist | Matt McGuire Drum Cover

  1. I usually watch that video 3 times per month.
    That's simply awesome dude

    For those people who says that Matt is acting… Go and see some direct and tell me why all drummers play like that. Its a special instrument! Pure feeling

  2. People search an entire lifetime to find their cause, glad u find yours! Fucking legend, not only tallented as fuck but you're deff one of the most dedicated people I know. Keep going dude!

  3. That double bass on Antivist makes me weak!!! Such a solid sound, mixed perfectly. Mad skills aswell, keep it up man. New subscriber here! 😝

  4. 👍. Вот кого Буденному надо было себе в полк брать! Он бы их шашкой так – на, нах! На, нах!!! 😊

  5. Interesting to think about but despite Seen it All Before being a much softer song than Anti-Vist it appears to have much more intricate and difficult drumming.

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