me and karin decided to remix swap ………… picked each other songs ….. she picked “features creatures” , i picked “this country makes it hard to fuck” …… hope you enjoy !! warmth , björk

featured creatures (the knife remix) :
features creatures (fever ray remix) :
this country makes it hard to fuck (björk remix) :


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49 thoughts on “björk : features creatures (the knife remix)

  1. This was a bold, unique yet clever and CREATIVE move on their part. There will sure be copycats in the future. But that's okay we know who pioneered this.

  2. The fact that The Knife came out from a 6 year hibernation since their last record just to produce this track for Björk though 😭

  3. nice! really good. reminds me of my favorite song by them, we share our mother's health. kind of the same feel mebbe. i'm a huge fan of dark jedi for his bjork remixes. actually i haven't known him to do anything but bjork remixes. i particularly like innocence, but his remix of hunter is probably my favorite remix of all time…it might just be because it's my favorite of bjork's original songs.

  4. Every body glad for this colaboration, which is really amazing, but i belive ill never gonna hear bjork plus tuxedomoon. I whish for it

  5. THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY AHHHHHHH. Ive recently gotten into Telegram and its amazing asf (My Spine made me love Bjork 10 times more). I cant wait to hear the rest of the remixes. If anyone knows any other remixes and B-Sides, pls recommend below😊💞

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