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video created by everybody’s baby
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lili trifilio
matt henkels
jonathan alvarado
aidan cada

story by: lili trifilio and matt gehl
directed by: matt gehl and brandon hoeg
cinematography by: brandon hoeg
producer: will ackerman
1st ad: gianna capra
production design/costumes: taylor truskowski
hair/makeup: colleen dow
gaffer: vincent prochoroff
key grip: liv kruisinski
grip: eileen cook
grip: miranti urbanigrum
grip: josh noll
grip: sam aidan johnson
grip: elijah gray
grip: tommy mcnamara
electric: alexander han
1st ac: max rood
2nd ac: tom ciszewski
lili’s portrait photograph: forestt strong lafave
production assistant: ryan stella

prod/post sound, intro song: brett rossiter
color: sam howells
editor: marcus aubin
titles: mike coleman

special thanks to world’s largest laundromat, depaul university, kal moy and the chicago parks district


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43 thoughts on “Beach Bunny – Prom Queen (Official Video)

  1. Since this video is blowing up I feel the need to address something. I wrote this song for every person out there that has felt insecure, unloved, or unhappy in their own skin – it is in no way meant to glamorize, encourage, or promote eating disorders, body hatred, or body shaming in any form. The lyrics are a criticism on modern beauty standards and the harmful effects beauty standards can have on people – I wrote this song from a female's perspective as I myself have dealt with insecurities and done unhealthy things in my past to live up to the American beauty standard – but this song is meant for everyone. You are worthy of love, you are beautiful just the way you are, and beauty is a social construct – please don't harm your health or well being to live up to these invented expectations, it is not worth risking your life over. You are already a Prom Queen, you are already enough. (also for people upset that this is blowing up on tic-tok I want as many people to hear this message as possible, this message is so important – especially for younger people growing up in the social media generation which has made this issue even more prominent)

  2. Alright the comments are making me feel bad that my first reaction to this was "wow, Im14andthisisdeep". It's the epiphany of the late 1980s and the life-changer for the 12-year old. But I guess you have to acknowledge a problem to move past it, and just because I have already been 12 doesn't mean everyone has.

    Tbf I didn't hear all the lyrics at first either.

  3. this just came up in my recommendations without me knowing what it was but then the song started and i was like OMG WAIT IT’S THIS

  4. I completely feel these lyrics. Going Instagram and face book free has helped a lot. Now I talk to people who don’t have filters and face tune on and who have to show me who they actually are.

  5. My friend showed this song to me a while ago. i pretended like that was the first time i heard it. it wasn't.I remember listening to this and crying while i had my ed. No one knew i had my ed, and still don't because i was fat and lost 10kgs (i kept binging and restricting but rn i lost that much including recovery) ,but was chubby and never skinny,so no one suspected a thing. i was going to tell her there, but decided not to bc tons of girls at our school pretend to have eds, and i knew she wouldn't believe me. but i remeber when she showed it to me, i felt a mix of relief and sadness. i was just so happy that im normal now, and don't obsess about food. but sad because i remembered what pain i put my body through.

  6. I think she is super duper cute! She’s got such a unique look & you just wanna pinch her cheeks she’s adorable! IN LOVE with this song!!!

  7. The amount of times I’ve been crying and listen to this song and feel almost alright about myself is an alarming amount plz keep making people feel better this song is amazing and thank you!

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