Princess Alexandra Kropotkin, Russian emigre, author
Charles B. Brownson, U.S. Representative from Indiana
Christian Herter, American politician and statesman
Clifford P. Case, American lawyer and politician
Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Jr., American politician
Frederic René Coudert, Jr., Representative from New York

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Jr. (August 17, 1914 — August 17, 1988) was an American politician. He was the fifth child of U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Sr. and his wife Eleanor.

He was a Naval officer in World War II and was decorated for bravery in the battle of Casablanca.

He graduated from Groton School in 1933, Harvard University in 1937, and from the University of Virginia School of Law in June 1940. During his graduation, his father, Franklin D. Roosevelt gave what is known as the “Stab in the Back” Speech, criticizing Italy’s entry into the war.

Roosevelt Jr. served as a member of the United States Congress, representing the 20th District of New York from 1949 to 1955. In 1949, he won a special election running as a candidate of the Liberal Party of New York and later ran on the Democratic ticket as well.

He sought the Democratic nomination for Governor in 1954, but, after persuasion by powerful Tammany Hall boss Carmine DeSapio, abandoned his bid for Governor was nominated by the Democratic State Convention to run for New York State Attorney General. Roosevelt was defeated in the general election by Republican Jacob K. Javits, although all other Democratic nominees were elected. Following his loss, Eleanor Roosevelt began building a campaign against the Tammany Hall leader that eventually forced DeSapio to step down from power in 1961.

He campaigned for John F. Kennedy in the 1960 West Virginia primary, falsely accusing Kennedy’s opponent, Hubert Humphrey of having dodged the draft in World War II. Kennedy later named him Under-Secretary of Commerce and chairman of the President’s Appalachian Regional Commission. This post (Under-Secretary of Commerce) was given to him when Defense Secretary Robert McNamara shot down the proposal of his appointment as Secretary of Navy.

He ran for Governor of New York on the Liberal Party ticket in 1966, but was defeated by the incumbent Republican Nelson A. Rockefeller.

He served as chairman of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission from May 26, 1965 to May 11, 1966.

He was senior partner in the New York law firm of Roosevelt and Freiden before and after his service in the Congress.

He also ran a small cattle farm and imported Fiat automobiles. (He was a personal friend of Fiat chairman Gianni Agnelli).

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  7. It was fun listening to Roosevelt telling us how NATO and the UNITED NATIONS would be bringing us "peace".
    Everyone in this room were rolling their eyes and sighing.
    Both are bringing not only the U.S. but the entire world social engineering through fascism.

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