As we wrap up Crash Course Philosophy, we’re using the things we’ve learned to explore big issues like the value of life. Today, we’re discussing abortions in cases of fetal abnormality, assisted suicide, and euthanasia. We will consider the standard of substituted judgment and the values people hold on both sides of these issues—values about the sacredness of life, and the importance of a life of quality, as well as the values of personal liberty and avoiding pain.

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28 thoughts on “Assisted Death & the Value of Life: Crash Course Philosophy #45

  1. Somebody could choose to abort you but you can't legally choose to abort yourself. You were purchased by the lord God and put on this earth to carry out mass killings of children.

  2. I emotionally support abortions for any reason. If my mother hadn't had abortions I would never have been born. If I condemn abortions I condemn my own life.

  3. looking for euthanasia kit to end my suffering assisted suicie mercy killing I live in USA human rights for dogs anyway horrible country obiecanki cacanki a glupiemu radosc, stupid polak is praying to gods for mercy killing, anything quick and pain free for me, to end suffering, dignity is for dogs, mercy for me

  4. It's extremely simple. In priority order; No one should never be enforced to do anything against is will; All life should be protected including assistance in situation of danger as long as it does not violate the first value for the this being; Everyone should be allowed to do whatever is will is as soon as it does not violate the first two values for anyone else or the natural environment. We need nothing more for almost every possible scenario.

  5. I'm just here thinking how much I never want to be in a position in which U have to abort or euthanise anyone. I call Not-Dibs.

  6. Euthanasia is definitely wrong. Life isnt as simple as born and die. You disrespect and ridicule so many things/people by considering Euthanasia. Theres nothing right in it.

  7. My cousins have a kid who was born with spina bifida, poor kid is about 10 can't communicate, eats through a tube and has to have round the clock medical care. He has no quality of life.

  8. It sure is a polarizing subject, but I think we all can agree about one thing: talk to your loved ones, make sure they know what you want for yourself if a tragedy strikes and you're not capable of voicing your wishes.

  9. I appreciate the arguments about abortion, but at the same time I'm not sure these are the arguments we're at the point of addressing, though I have no doubt that they are the key. But looking at a real life I don't think it's often a choice between protecting the life of an unborn child/fetus vs giving the mother a choice to terminate. I think we should talk also about the moral implication of this choice (in my opinion more common): giving the mother a choice to terminate in sterile and save conditions or leave her no option (in her mind) than to go to a shady clinic or use a wire hanger.

  10. I don't know what everybody believes. If they believe in God, Allah, Buddha or atheist or whatever. The fact that something is wrong with a body function of a human being essential for life without any human alteration and can't survive without any artificial interventions says something. God or a supreme being or destiny allowed it to happen. Death!

  11. Look at how we treat animals of they are in pain or suffering then the animal gets put down. Why don't humans? Is it because it goes against the oath that doctors take?

  12. For me, I think that abortion should be allowed for all, and if a person disagrees with abortion then they should not partake in the action if they ever get in a situation where it is an option. I see both sides of the arguments being made, and the points are so hard to make everyone get what they need that I get a little switched around and confused about what we where talking about. Please replay and tell me what you think, I never get offended, so please be honest! Just so you know, I love you all.

  13. Against abortion because we don't get to choose who lives or dies? Well couples make that decision when they have intercourse.

  14. I do agree with a lot of whats said in the video but don't you think (08:43) that ''non volontary euthanasia'' is a slightly poor choice of words

  15. But how would u know if he/she would feel anything when they r in life support? It is illogical to assume he/she wouldn't feel anything.

  16. I think that we should go back to the crash courses in philosophy, about killing animals. I remember one philosopher said that inflicting PAIN on animals is where we much draw the line.
    What about human Fetuses… should their pain be ignored?

  17. I have a child with "developmental abnormality". She is happy, healthy, in normal iq range and she does not care what doctor says. She never confirmed any primary diagnosis and negative expectations. But this is not why I believe her life is worth. Her life is worth because she is my child. That is all she needs to do to be loved and cared. Why people segregate own children? I just don't get it. Child may become very ill at any stage of life. Is it less worth then? No, you are a parent and you have no right to segregate children to worth and disposable.

  18. In many cases being brought up as examples, the infant with spinal bifida, or other extreme handicaps, would not be able to function without heroic/extreme medical interventions or help. Simply using palliative care, with effective pain management, would allow nature to take it's course and death would occur. Adults, of course, or their conservators, have the right to refuse any treatment and can ask for palliative care only.

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