Hello friends. Today she had a meeting with this customer who had very serious acne. Poor him. Please see the acne treatment for him
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29 thoughts on “ACNE TREATMENT FOR Mạnh past 2 (45) | Loan Nguyen

  1. Either he or someone at the Spa must have put Turemic on his face, I have seen a few of these orange/yellow spots on other clients face.

  2. Take that face to a qualified medical professional for treatment. PRONTO! As in: days and days and days ago long before this pile of infection and inflammation got to this point of pain and horror.

  3. A situação do garoto já está crítica, e ainda inventam de catucar mais, pelo amor, ele precisa de um antibiótico, uma coisa mais forte, o procedimento que está sendo feito no vídeo só piora mais e mais.

  4. No way would I have my face done in that place, absolutely disgusting, cleaning all that on their gloves and then wiping all over the face,👎🏿

  5. I scrolled down to see if I was the only one thinking "THIS IS STUPID THIS KID NEEDS PROFESSIONALHELP! Not this idiot infecting his face all over again. He needs antibiotics and some other things with the care of a REAL dermatologist! Poor kid!

  6. This is terrible! Unnecessarily ripping the skin, spreading infection with that nasty cotton that's falling apart all over his face! Its also going into the holes as it's attached to the needle. Then resting it right in front of this poor child face. Smh Shame

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