42 thoughts on “Abba – The Last Video (Official Video)

  1. I thought i saw the older frida and agnetha at 2:38 and now i saw the younger frida and agnetha at 5:34?? Seriously when was really this video was taken??by the way i love it

  2. why did I not heard of this before? OMG… this is the best Video ever ❤️🥰 . The world got a little bit better today 👍

  3. Thank you Abba, you and your Music is stilled loved. Thank you and Please Don't forget you still Have Fans. (from Canada)

  4. Кто эти все люди вокруг кукол ? Только Шеркисян узнал и брюнета из аббы .

  5. ABBA is in the process of reforming. The band is planning a World Tour in 2020 …. Well it will be a World Tour, but not in the way most people think. This video is appearing again because it gives some clues as to the future of ABBA.

  6. I'm so fucking high right now but omg this almost made me cry at the end it was amazing thank you abba for all the amazing music and for making this sick short film

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