The Great Debate! 9mm against .45 ACP! Which is better? Which has a better chance of a one shot stop? Which delivers more energy? Which is more reliable? We’ll try to find out (but I have a feeling it all boils down to personal preference)! Enjoy!


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22 thoughts on “9mm Versus .45 ACP

  1. All this vs stuff is just fad…use what you train with and can control the best. Quit looking at bullets and shoot the fkers! Just my opinion 👍

  2. 1:12 REALLY? Next thing he will say is a mma fighter that weighs 230ibs vs mma fighter that weighs 115ibs is a fair fight if they are the same height

  3. I have owned both 9mm and .45 acp , also. Both shoot great. I have done my own test, too. Shooting cinder blocks, car doors, 55 gallon drumm barrels, coyotes, water jugs. The .45 acp , in my opinion does better, knock down power, penetration. The 9mm has going for it , is speed. Like shooting 5.56, and .308.
    The choice is your preference. My carry is a Sig Sauer, P220, .45 acp.

  4. Any bullet will stop a friggin person. I know because I was shot accidentally by a .22. It numbed the entire left side of my body. You will not be able to do jack shit if shot by a .380, much less a 9mm. If adrenaline is flowing it might be possible, but not very likely. Hate to spoil the fun for you youtube ninjas

  5. Technology has leveled the field in capacity with pistols like the Glock 21, Sigsauer P227, S&W MP, and the Kimber high cap 45acp.
    I think both calibers will do the job, the 45acp is a big 12ga like pistol that can toss a heavy slug with authority when using premium ammunition.

  6. This will not be popular but we do have a lot more metro sexual men in our world as of late. As well when all this came out, women were introduced to the military on a grand level. Most women do not have the hand size to deal with the 45 and in a double stack even worse. Before everyone gets there panties in a bunch I have seen all the ballistics and advancements made with hollow points and +P ammo. At the end of the day use what you feel is comfortable and handguns will never beat a rifle and were not meant to. Shot placement is key to make handguns effective and that’s a fact. I am a 45 acp fan but to use 7 rounds in a standard 1911 or 17 rounds from a 9mm I would choose a 9mm. However a tactical 45 with 15+1 I would choose the tactical 45 at least for open carry or on the acreage. As for cancelled I would say 9mm is choice.

    Do not fool yourself on why the military went to 9mm and do not forget this. They want a universal weapon for both sexes and those that are in the KNOW understand this. They needed a firearm to be a universal fit and 45acp is not it. As for me I will keep my 45s close and keep them feed with +P ammo.

  7. the militery and police cheaped out on guns and ammo. they won't issue every g.i. a 1911 because they are expensive and same for the ammo. glocks are cheap and 9mm is cheap.

  8. firstly stick with normal ammo that works how intended. don't buy hype crap that won't work normal! Stop buying +p crap just stick to normal shit and if you are still not satisfied make your own ammo. also if you look at that barrel size you would feel a diffrence in fear hell I've heard some people say in the 9mm forums that there familiy members that thought they had a bb gun when they saw the 9mm

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