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41 thoughts on “9mm Guys vs 45acp Guys

  1. Can someone please remind me what is wrong with using wd40 on a full metal firearm.
    I know something is wrong with it but I just can't put my finger on it.

  2. 9mm guys, .45 guys, .40 guys, .357 Sig guys, revolver guys, AR guys, AK guys, let's stop fighting each other and instead fight the anti gunners who are trying to take all of our rights away! 😠

  3. Son: dad I think I like 9mm more then the 45


  4. And people who shoot 40 S&W still don't give a fuck… it's all pew pew in the eyes of Freedom. Fuck infringements, that's what we all agree on. CAN I GET AN AMEN!?!

  5. 45 is obviously better if your magazines both hold the same amount but 9 mm is better in a glock because the magazine holds more! Capacity capacity capacity!!!!

  6. Stopping power doesn't exist in handguns, it's a complete myth. If you want "stopping power" get a shotgun loaded up with buckshot.

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