31 thoughts on “7 Hours of non stop uplifting christian music

  1. Going through a rough period in my life now. Thankfully, I have come to the Lord almighty for salvation in this world and myself.

  2. 👏 I just want to bow down and worship our awesome God! Jesus theres none like you, you are the Messiah, I bow down at the cross, we love you Jesus, we love you and worship you, spirit of God, come down on us and fill us with your love! Thank you Jesus for being you and who you are!!

  3. Listening to this while dealing with painful ulcers, this has brought me much peace. Can't wait to go home to our risen King. I love you Jesus! Maranatha

  4. Say this powerful prayer anytime you feel attacked or need forgiveness: Forgive my foolishness Father; guard my mind and my soul from any sin that may come; destroy any sin that dwell in me. For you are righteous Father; in all you reveal, seen and yet to be witnessed. I confied in you Lord; the fog in my mind makes it difficult to understand your great spirit, yet I still know and believe; for what you have shown and revealed unto me will be unsurpassed by any evil. It is not my underdtanding that I shall make important; but your will be done; for you have sacrificed your mortal body for my sins and have risen above sin; a debt that can never be repaid by me, so I give myself to you Lord. Use me in any way; so that I may serve and preserve your righteous name Father. Many claim to be you, Lord. They do evil things and have forgotten your ways of love, compassion, peace, giving; all things you have blessed us with when we serve you; as in serving each other and placing no thing above you Father. Bless me with the Holy Spirit; that it may dwell within my unclean flesh; protecting my soul from my mind, from my eyes, or from anything that the flesh may use against me, that can seperate the gifts you have for me Father. I recognize before you Lord; that I am a sinner, but you are greater than any sin. You have conquered sin and for that, shall I be forever greatful. I rebuke, under your authority Lord; anything that may cause me to sin and forget your sacrifice; for only when i dwell in you; you dwell in me Lord, showing our Fathers great mercy, grace and glory. In Jesus name, amen.

  5. I am so scared tonight I can see things here tonight I prad to God and I asked him why am I scared and i am listening to this misc thank you God bless your heart 😗😗😇😇😇😇😇😇😘

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