34 thoughts on “45 TrendSetters

  1. This is fuckin trash lol. Brisbane islanders need to stop tryna be like Sydney boys. Since when were the adlayz and drillers in Brisbane?? 😅😅😅 I only fuck with NME but the rest of these Brisbane Pussies need to just stop especially Lesi the flat nose fuckin dog 😆

  2. Deserve more views for sure 🙌🏼 only just started listening to your music through YouTube recommendations and haven’t got back 🥶💥🔥

  3. Fucking fags just talk about the same shit everyone else talks about use the same words as everyone else wear the same shit and call yourselves trendsetters??? Bahahaha bunch of boot lickers

  4. this music sounds good but i feel like the video clip threw me off it, bad quality in general, plus the second guy sounded pretty bad tbh but other than that good shit keep doing your thing.

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