14 thoughts on “45 Auto Cor-Bon DPX 160gr vs Bone

  1. Been carrying Corbon for 24 years, JHPs, Powerball, and DPX. Always been a favorite, when you can find it. Still shoot the Gold Dot, HST, Critical Defense, and Winchester bonded Defender, but Corbon is as good as any.

  2. Fetcher, these slow motion depictions of Physics in action just keep getting BETTER AND BETTER! God bless the second amendment!

  3. Very awesome! Could you do a test with Underwood 90 gr xtreme defender +p+? It looks like it does a great deal. Of damage on permanent cavity, but I'd love to see you slow motion footage of its temporary stretch cavity.

  4. very cool, thanks brass fetcher. i always have a bit of scrutiny with gel tests since bone will often make bullets do more damage since they slow down and tumble on impact.

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