33 thoughts on “357 MAGNUM VS 45 ACP VS 9MM VS PUMPKIN

  1. .357 did more damage. It always will with same respective types of rounds, but don't underestimate the stopping power of a 45..

  2. .357 snub eaa windicator and chiappa and sig 1911 full siEdzed .45 and hk uspc .45 has served me well through a lot of shit.

  3. Pro Tip: Learn the 4 rules of gun safety ASAP. Especially the one regarding triggers. You will get burned one day. The only question is how badly.

  4. Edwin Sarkissian, you have Civil War re-enactors ROFLTAO, as they roll around laughing, while thinking to themselves, "Grapeshot!"
    In other words, there wouldn't be any gol' dang pumpkins! Still, I do have to admit, it is hard to conceal carry a 12-pound field piece.

  5. Omg, how he carry that .357, like lame with finger on the trigger. Omg
    And pumpkin is full os seeds and that can change balistic trase. .45 should have shorted penetration. Try balistic gel and I will believe.

  6. I thought the demonstration had potential, however as a highly experienced hand loaded and as well versed in ballistics I felt the experiment was seriously flawed, as follows…
    You needed to use similarly profiled projectiles, ie; all flat nosed, round nosed or what ever profile was chosen. As well, it would be highly important to know if each load used was producing a typical fps as per the particular chamberings, and the estimated or chronographed velocity stated. Without those facts made transparent, there's really no way to draw a firm and unbiased conclusion, yes?

  7. I have both a 357 Smith & Wesson and the Ruger 45 ACP and I would much rather have the 357 if I needed defense it will stop you

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