27 thoughts on “2pac "My 45" (2019)

  1. https://youtu.be/wqzvJ5Oeyho
    The right 2 Pac goes to the left with his cousin and right after that the double is fighting. Pac is Don Makaveli.

  2. Makaveli is Nicollai Machiavelli. 2 Pac is Makaveli = Ma K Aveli. = Am K Alive. Double is Devon Clark. This man he was also in the arena at the same time. The one who was fighting wasn't real Pac. Right 2 Pac went with his cousin just a few meters away. It's on MGM security cameras.

  3. Do U really wanna tell me that that Beat carrys 2Pac in 2019 man u suckers got20 years time 4 a good Beat & this 1 is Shit like the Fantasy Title.CHECK OUT MY PLAYLISTS IF U CAN – 2Pac "The Real" Best Remixes Unreleased Songs & all the Videoz

  4. The real music are not forgotten but they are silenced by the 1 % Likewise today music is all bullshit words with no knowledge trash talk and trash thinking. I want the good old days with 2pac R.I.P Legend.

  5. They dont had the balls to conversation with this legend he's speake every word he say was like a bullet to goverment!!!!

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