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24 thoughts on “2020 Renegade XL – 45' Bath and 1/2 – Freightliner Cascadia Chassis #7888 – IWS Motor Coaches

  1. The DPF system on this engine will murder it. Be ready to shell out $10k for replacement. Also, the transmission is garbage

  2. This is like a cartoon. I can just see the owners waddling around in this thing. 300 pounders–eating their mac and cheese with a whole slab of bacon –just as a snack. "Patriots."

  3. Huge shout out your presenter here.

    Not many Uh's or Ahs, Genuine pauses in speaking… No one is spending 50 minutes unless they really want to see… Good video!

  4. $519K? Jesus Christ wasn't even paid that much money to die on the cross for our sins. For that price it ought to come with a part-time driver and a full-service maid!

  5. Chuck, good video! Ignore the criticizes, they probably are more into popup campers. I see nothing but top to bottom quality. IWS obviously recognizes the importance of top quality customer care. I look forward to doing business with IWS.

  6. Now that is nice. One question… How much trailer can you tow behind this before you start running afoul of the maximum vehicle combined length. I towed a boat from RI to CA and had a problem because my rig was 63 feet. I had to modify the trailer and pull the boat away up to get to 60 feet to get the oversized permit. Thinking back, I believe it was OK that wouldn't let me thru. I am a non CDL license holder. What has been your experience?

  7. lol at you mentioning the clothes, i was thinking you've got this really fancy rv thing but you're dressed like you're going out to cut the grass. hahaha but hey you go fella do you!

  8. Very nice! Can this coach be customized? I would want a shower in the guest restroom and would want those fishbowl sinks gone. Also, could you get another slider added for more room? Lol, you are right you get more room outside but you forgot to mention that means less inside!

  9. I just don’t get the American design. Everything looks kind of bulky and the colour scheme seems outdated. I am missing a basic level of elegance.

  10. While I go ahead and move around I'm gonna let Zak *go ahead and*… I actually stopped concentrating on the the video and started counting the number of times this guy said "go ahead and"…

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