41 thoughts on “【Khamydrian】Other Friends Remix【Steven Universe】

  1. Update (9/10/2019):
    1-First of all allow me to thank you all for your kindness and for even being here listening to my remix, It's the first the in over 3 or 4 years one of my works has received so many views in so little time along with great sugestions and even constructive criticism and useful feedback!

    2-For now only my subscribers have been able to take part on this but in case you folks are interested, I currently have a poll on my channel's community tab where viewers can vote on the next remix I should make, so far "Drift Away" seems to be winning but my remix of "Change" will most likely be released first.

    3-I usually avoid asking people for this but considering this is youtube and one's gotta make a living…I would like to extend an invitation to all of you to subscribe to my channel and let me know what other remixes you would like to see around here.

    Once again, thank you all so much for your attention, my channel is almost reaching 62k subscribers after several months being stuck at 59k so that's a nice recovery! Alright, It's currently 4:23 AM over here and this boy needs to sleep!

  2. English:the best remix I've ever heard of my entire life

    Portuguese Brazil:o melhor remix que eu ouvi da minha vida inteira

  3. The fact that is changes from 'meet her other friends' to 'beat her other friends' after she thinks that pink has forgotten her in favour of new people… ow

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