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this sub’s actually an improved version of my old gaming sub! i wanted to improve it because i saw that it got pretty popular! also, tell me if you want me to keep making short subs like this, make a short and long version, etc. enjoy!
✧ mini booster ✧

↬ all signs of subconscious hatred towards yourself are cleared entirely right now
↬ release all negative feelings and emotions right now
↬ be a master of the law of attraction
↬ believe all affirmations
↬ be immune to being obsessed with results
↬ be free of being obsessed with results
↬ be letting go entirely of all negativity and self hatred towards myself
↬ have an extremely powerful subconscious
↬ subconscious is extremely powerful
↬ get extremely fast results
↬ feel extremely happy while listening to this subliminal
↬ love yourself

✧ sub benefits ✧

↬ be extremely skilled at any type of game
↬ achieve a victory on all games with ease
↬ be immune to losing any game
↬ be calm and confident while playing any game
↬ be immune to panicking in any game
↬ be humble
↬ have excellent sportsmanship
↬ enjoy playing all games
↬ be immune to rage and anxiety
↬ have extremely enhanced gaming skills
↬ have an ultimate ability to beat every player in every game, including hackers and cheaters
↬ be unbeatable in all games
↬ people are immune to beating you in all games
↬ have a cooperative team in every game
↬ be immune to having rude + lazy teammates
↬ attract teammates who are the same age as you
↬ teammates are extremely good at gaming
↬ have fast and healthy hands
↬ hands are immune to pain
↬ have the correct body + hand posture
↬ be immune to having incorrect body + hand posture
↬ have accurate photographic memory
↬ have excellent eyesight
↬ have twenty twenty vision
↬ spot players from any distance
↬ have ultimate scoping skills in every game
↬ have extremely effective game strategies for every game
↬ have smart and creative game tactics
↬ take the lead in all games
↬ learn new games with ease
↬ outsmart every player in every game with ease
↬ have perfect hand-eye coordination
↬ have perfect precision and accuracy in all games
↬ your games load extremely fast
↬ have excellent focus and concentration
↬ have accurate predictions
↬ have ultimate perception
↬ be perfect at any gaming platform
↬ have extremely fast internet
↬ everyone believes your skills
↬ people are immune to calling you a hacker
↬ people compliment your gaming skills
↬ everyone finds you attractive especially when playing any game
↬ everyone is astonished by your gaming skills
↬ have your ideal amount of nice and supportive fans
↬ meet nice players
↬ have your ideal amount of gaming friends
↬ develop strong friendships and bonds with players in games
↬ have a smooth gaming experience with high graphics
↬ be immune to game issues and lagging in all games
↬ win all game events and game giveaways
↬ catch up on all game sales
↬ possess a large amount of game currencies in all games
↬ be rich in all games
↬ attract money
↬ manifest your ideal games
↬ be extremely good looking
↬ everyone loves your appearance including you
↬ everyone compliments your appearance
↬ have your ideal aura
↬ be grateful for your gaming skills

✧ tips ✧

↬ you only have to listen once, but i won’t stop you from listening more than once
↬ drink as much water as you need
↬ if a headache arises, take a break
↬ think positively
↬ be patient, results usually don’t happen in one day
↬ detach
↬ believe
↬ trust me and this sub (i can confirm this is safe and i wouldn’t want to hurt anyone)
↬ use headphones (though headphones aren’t necessary, they help)

✧ notes ✧

↬ all affirmations are 100% positive
↬ this is downloadable
↬ sped up and repeated
↬ results are permanent
↬ you don’t have to know english for this to work

✧ social media outlets ✧

instagram ~ @aestheticscafe.mp4

discord ~ name: uwu#1939

email: [email protected]

dm/email me on my social media if you need anything and join my server if ya can because why not?

aesthetic out!

source: https://keshadaily.com

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